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Our Blue Tansy Face Oil is made for all skin types but especially for blemish-prone skin.  Formulated with 200 mg CBD for an extra boost!  Blue Tansy helps clear congested pores and kills off pimple-causing bacteria.  At the same time, it is wonderfully moisturizing!


Our formula also contains Squalane, Jasmine Extract, and Vitamin E.


Squalane gives a boost of hydration, and its antioxidants help fight skin damage and signs of aging.


Jasmine Extract increases skin’s elasticity and helps balance moisture.


Contains water-soluble CBD for quick skin absorption.


Apply to clean, dry skin before your daily moisturizer, use it as your night oil, or add a drop to your day and night creams. (Add a drop to your body lotion too!)

Blue Tansy CBD Infused Face Oil

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