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Here at The Hemp Soap Company, our goal has always been to provide the highest-quality CBD products.  We are proud to introduce our Full-Spectrum CBD (extracted from locally grown hemp) infused into local pure, raw honey.


Our CBD-infused honey is a great-tasting way to get in your daily dose of CBD. Use in your tea or coffee, drizzle over toast, or add to your favorite recipes!


8 oz 500 mg CBD


How do I take it?

  • One serving = 1 teaspoon
  • 13 mg CBD per serving
  • 13mg CBD daily is a good dose to start with. Allow 1-2 weeks to see full effects and increase dosage if necessary.


What’s in it?

Two simple ingredients, Raw Honey with 500 mg CBD – That’s it, nothing else!


How does it taste?

You will not notice a change in taste with our infusion process, only the natural taste of each honey!

  • Arizona Wildflower – Rich, dark sugary flavor. Great for adding to recipes.
  • Arizona Cat’s Claw – A lighter flavor, very sweet.  Rare, supply depends entirely on Arizona rainfall.
  • Oregon Blueberry – Amber color, sweet and creamy. Perfect for coffee or tea.
  • Mesquite - Darkest of all our honey, sweet and mild.  Perfect to sweeten dishes or as a topping for desserts or toast.

CBD Infused Honey