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Our Hemp Seed Oil and Activated Charcoal soap is made with Tea Tree Essential Oil, natural oils, and tons of activated charcoal.  It’s good for all skin types but especially for those who have oily or acne-prone skin.  It thoroughly cleanses oily skin and helps to clear and prevent acne breakouts without stripping your skin.


Activated charcoal naturally draws bacteria and impurities from your skin, draws excess oil that clogs your pores, and helps to shrink pores and tone your skin.  We put loads of charcoal in this soap for maximum cleansing effectiveness.


Apply liberally over wet skin with a clean washcloth concentrating on areas prone to acne. Once the area improves, reduce application to every other day or twice weekly.


Our products are handmade in small batches and are free from parabens and sulfates, synthetic colors, synthetic fragrances, and any other synthetic ingredient.  We do not use preservatives and only use the highest quality natural and organic oils, butters, and essential oils

Clarifying Activated Charcoal Hemp Soap

PriceFrom $7.00
  • One of our best sellers! Detoxify and uncover clear and smooth skin with our Activated Charcoal soap! Made for both the face and body.

  • Since our all-natural soaps are handmade and do not contain any synthetic preservatives or artificial hardeners, it needs just a little extra care to prolong its life. Store your new soap in a well-drained dish, making sure to dry out between uses, and don’t let it sit in water. With proper care our bars can last longer than store bought! Store your unopened bars in a dark cool place, like a lingerie drawer! Enjoy the scent each time you open the drawer!


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