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Our Jasmine Face Oil is designed specifically for those with dry skin but is safe for all skin types.  Our base oil is the amazing Moringa Oil which is rich in Behenic Acid and is a very moisturizing oil rich in vitamins.  We added Argan, Jasmine Extract, Pomegranate, and Baobab Oil which are incredibly rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, specifically vitamin E.  Each oil is shown to be great for a restoring effect on dry and irritated skin.


Our Jasmine Face Oil goes on smooth, absorbs quickly, and leaves the skin smooth and silky.


While most of the work is done by these amazing oils, we also added 200mg CBD for its amazing skin benefits too.


We added an amazing blend of essential oils for a sweet but subtle scent.


Jasmine Extract increases skin’s elasticity and helps balance moisture.


Contains water-soluble CBD for quick skin absorption.


Apply to clean, dry skin before your daily moisturizer, use it as your night oil, or add a drop to your day and night creams. (Add a drop to your body lotion too!)

Desert Jasmine CBD Infused Face Oil

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